Dr. Arlene Hudson

Dr. Arlene Hudson – M.D.and HIV Specialist

Family medicine physician and HIV specialist Dr. Arlene Hudson offers her compassionate care to patients at our Denton Medical Center 4304 office. Her work at Health Services of North Texas concentrates in the area of infectious disease, specifically HIV care. The 25 years of experience as an HIV specialist in Amarillo, TX, gave Dr. Hudson a deep knowledge and understanding of the disease and compassion for patients living with HIV. She wants you to know that she “expects my patients to live long, healthy lives. There is now hope for seeing this disease (HIV) to come to an end. It is very clear that treating patients can eliminate the risk of transmission to others.”


Dr. Parul Kaushik

Dr. Parul Kaushik – Infectious Diseases Specialist

Dr. Parul Kaushik is an infectious disease doctor and HIV specialist at our Collin County Center in Plano, TX. She has a wide variety of medical experience and has worked with HIV patients in different parts of the country and overseas.

Dr. Kaushik strongly believes in advocating for patient education, treating with holistic care and empowering each person to lead a healthier life. The more that a patient feels equipped to deal with their health concerns, the better the outcome. Dr. Kaushik is committed to the respect and care that HSNT cultivates between our providers, patients and the commuity at large.


Laurie Mottl

Laurie Mottl – Certified Physician Assistant

With more than 16 years of experience as a certified physician assistant, Laurie Mottl believes that the most important thing to do in medicine “is not to just treat the diagnosis, but treat the person as a whole.” She will want to listen and “know your entire story and treat you from the inside out. I will be a medical provider that gives you my full attention.” Laurie works at the Denton Medical Center 4308 location.

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