PrEP: The Game-Changing Pill For Preventing HIV In At-Risk Youth

September 29, 2023

Introducing PrEP For At-Risk Youth

Ending the human immunodeficiency (HIV) epidemic is a top priority for many states. Achieving this goal requires many steps, including the use of medication. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an innovative drug that prevents HIV transmission by proactively giving antiretroviral medications to people at risk of contracting the virus. Oral PrEP has been shown to reduce HIV acquisition by 74-99%, making the drug extremely effective. Young people, who continue to be among the most at-risk groups, could see a significant decline in HIV rates thanks to this revolutionary pill.

HIV among the youth

Adolescents and young adults are particularly susceptible to contracting HIV. This period is a crucial developmental stage where exploring sexuality and engaging in risky behaviors happens. Even worse, young people continue to be misinformed about HIV transmission and prevention despite the wealth of information and resources available. As a result, roughly 33% of all new HIV infections occur in individuals ages 15-24 years old. This sobering statistic emphasizes the critical need for deliberate methods of reducing HIV transmission, especially in this younger population.

How PrEP can help

Pre-exposure prophylaxis can provide an active strategy for lowering the risk of contracting HIV in at-risk youth. The pill prevents the virus from replicating in the body by blocking the susceptible cells. This drug is especially advised for groups at high risk of HIV transmission, such as men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender people, and people whose partners have HIV. Taking PrEP as directed consistently lowers the risk of HIV transmission by over 90%, reducing risk significantly. For people who inject drugs, the success rate borders 74%, which is still impressive. Despite the revolutionary pill’s high efficacy rate, young people, especially youth of color, have shown low adoption. This is due to insufficient awareness about PrEP, misconceptions about the drug, perceived low-risk factors, and structural barriers.

Addressing concerns and misconceptions

Breaking down and clarifying drug misconceptions is necessary to increase PrEP use among younger people. Some young people think PrEP is only for individuals who engage in risky sexual behavior or people who are HIV-positive. Others are concerned about the drug’s safety. The reality is that PrEP is for any individual who might be at risk of contracting HIV, including young people. PrEP has minor side effects and no detrimental long-term consequences on the body.

PrEP available is essential

Beyond dispelling myths, there is a need to increase PrEP’s accessibility to youth at risk of contracting HIV. Young people may be less likely to use PrEP due to structural barriers like a lack of affordable healthcare, stigma, and inadequate health education. Increasing PrEP awareness among at-risk youth addresses these barriers to use. Additionally, offering PrEP at a low or no cost can lower financial barriers for young people, especially those from low-income families. If accessible to all, this game-changing pill has the power to change the HIV epidemic.


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